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Zenith are providers of quality IT support and solutions in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland

Our affordable and efficient support services are designed to ensure that you get the most productive use from your current IT infrastructure.

  • Virtual EngineerVirtual Engineer

    The Virtual Engineer allows our support engineers to to fix many of your problems by by remotely connecting to your laptops and personal computers.

    This benefits you by providing a faster response, faster resolution and therefore less downtime

  • Virus DefenderVirus Defender

    A recent report suggested that tens of thousands of new viruses are created every day! If you are connected to the Internet then you must protect your network, infrastructure and data.
    At Zenith we provide the best solutions to protect your business.

  • Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity

    At Zenith we implement a Data Backup schedule that we regularly monitor. It is one thing to backup your data but at Zenith we believe it is equally important that you can restore your data from the backup. To this end we also provide you with a Data Restoration test procedure on a regular basis.

  • Workstation ResponseWorkstation Response

    Fast, effective on-site resolution to problems affecting laptops and PCs on the network. As part of our Customer Care policy we will provide you with temporary hardware until the problem has been resolved or a replacement has be installed. Travel and labour are included in the monthly cost.

  • Network Monitoring & SecurityNetwork Monitoring & Security

    Continuously monitoring your network infrastructure which will benefit your business by, for example:

    • Proactively Warning of Problems before they turn into serious issues.
    • Track Network Growth – know what you have and how it’s being used.
    • Help with Capacity Planning – enable you to plan capacity based on usage trends, helping to plan and budget for future needs.
    • Service Level Agreements – do you need to meet certain SLAs with a specific uptime on your network? Monitoring ensures you meet these requirements.
  • Server ResponseServer Response

    Zenith IT Technical Staff will monitor your Windows Server environment on a regular basis. We ensure Microsoft Windows Updates, Security Patches and Hotfixes are up-to-date. Zenith will support, manage and maintain all aspects associated with your Server environment.