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Zenith are providers of quality IT support and solutions in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland

In reality our IT Consultancy Services are integrated into everything we do.


IT Consulting Services for Business Change

Zenith IT Consulting Services are designed to help clients as they formulate their business strategy. We bring a fresh, independent perspective with impartial objectivity. The end result is clarity of vision that benefits your Company through increased efficiency and reduced costs, in areas such as:

  • Shared service delivery platform within business units
  • Building competitive advantage through IT
  • Aligning technology strategy to the business goals
  • Reducing IT cost and needless complexity
  • Benchmarking IT performance for the business
  • Optimising workforce & workplace IT Strategy

IT Consulting Services for Infrastructure Management

Through our Consulting Services we advise our clients and help them to keep on top of todays rapidly changing technology issues.

Our input assists them with an understanding of emerging technologies and provides structure in evaluating their current and future systems requirements. This allows clients to define, prioritise and develop initiatives for improvement.

Our clients have benefited from services that:

  • Aligns their technology strategy with their business goals and objectives
  • Provides expert advice across a range of platforms and technologies in all key areas of the IT infrastructure, from Desktops to Servers
  • Addresses technology performance, availability and security issues
  • Enables a secure and robust infrastructure, that supports emerging business and technology requirements