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  1. Cyber Security!

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    A recent Information Security Breaches Survey reported that 81% of organisations had experienced a security breach of some sort. The financial consequences of a data security breach today amount to an average 29% damage of reputation and brand, 19% loss of revenue and 21% lost productivity. Those are tough challenges to overcome. Many businesses are unable to regain public trust of their reputation and brand and many do not survive another 2 years after a data breach.


    We find that many of our clients believe that they are backing up their data correctly. If you have an on premise backup then you are relying on a staff member to exchange the tapes on a regular basis. Question: when was the last that time you checked that person was carrying out their responsibility?


    To take that responsibility away from any particular employee, have you considered an online, cloud based, backup solution? The advantage with many of these online backup solutions is that they are managed and you, as the end user, should be informed by your provider whether the backup has been successful or not putting you in control.


    No matter what way you back up your data, it is so important that it is backed up. Remember, it is one of your most important assets. Finally, to ensure that you have mitigated against the risk of data loss, you should also ensure that you carry out a test restoration. Test restorations should be carried out on at least on an annual basis. This process should be included as part of your organisation’s overall risk management policies.

    If you require any further information on Managed Backups, Test Restoration, or any other aspects of IT Support, please do not hesitate to contact Zenith IT Solutions. We will be more than happy to help.